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Online Coaching for Transitions and Transformations




Dawn Neal

Whether you are exploring new possibilities, cultivating a healthy and balanced life, estabilishing or deepening a meditation practice, or coping with grief, you will be met with kindness, presence, deep listening, wisdom, big picture thinking, and creative clarity.    

I accompany and support people through transformations and life transitions of all shapes and sizes.

My work as an Professional Coach and Interfaith Chaplain (Spiritual Care Counselor) expresses my profound respect for the potential and resilience of the human mind, heart, and spirit.


Meditation coaching offers many benefits. It supports you in deepening your capacity for relaxation, presence, relational skill and attunement, clarity, and self-awareness through meditation. It also supports personal development and spiritual maturation.

 The scope of meditation coaching is determined by you. It can include establishing or deepening a regular meditation practice, private guided meditation sessions, and skillfully navigating or avoiding potential pitfalls. The process helps you realize and integrate the benefits of meditation into your life.

Whether it's a personal crossroads, or a major transition, there are times life events can evoke questions or challenges of a existential or spiritual nature. Whether it's a change in of phase of life, diagnosis, loss, even the death of a loved one, life's twists and turns can change the way we feel overnight.

If you are navigating a time of spiritual questioning, exploration, or difficulty, spiritual care and counseling can offer vital guidance, clarity, and support.

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